Oh, Well Hi there, My name is Hunter. I'm the biggest goofball or well, that is what everyone tells me. I'm consider myself a very fun guy. I enjoy playing, hugs and, giving love. If you're looking for a guy that is already ready for a great time well, look no further. I'm currently looking for my furever home. Could you be that home?
Whoa dude....Nash here bro. Wasssuppp my dude? Let me inform you 1st that I am the coolest dog here. NO MATTER WHAT THE HUMANS SAY. I would really like to learn to ride a skateboard. If you'd even let me hang my head out the window on our ride home that would be good! A lil secret I am actually not as tough as I act. I must have a cool dude look on the outside. But on the inside I just need som...
Let's not get my name mixed up with rude.... I am far from it! I am actually a sweetheart and will probably steal your heart. Don't be alarmed though. I will take great care of it. Anytime I see someone I attempt to get them to play. So far my success rate is at about a 87%. Not to shabby for a basic dog on the outside. But on the inside I am the full package. Maybe one day you will see.
Welcome to the worlds cutest most cutest attraction. We welcome Jaslene! Let us tell you a little about this gal. She is the cutest pup around. Definitely a lover. She is also a faithful companion. She promises to stick by your side forever. She even has the cute ears to complete this cute package.
What is your favorite color? I hope you say blue. So I can carry you away in the ocean of my eyes. Yes I am a gentleman. Very calm and collected. Some may even say old school. But hey everyone has a perspective. I promise to treat you right and snuggle on Sundays. I just need a home to stay in in exchange.
Shhhhhh.... I am in disguise. The people here still believe I am a huge cuddle pillow. Everyday they stop and hug me. It brings them joy and relief. So I will remain in disguise as a fluffy pillow until my next mission comes along. I need a heard that needs guarding or even a family or person that needs comfort. That is the real reason I have been placed in this world.
This morning I was just telling myself I need my own family! Now look you are here! Don't be alarmed you have nothing to worry about. I may talk to myself but i NEVER answer myself. I just have really great ideas. Just like the idea I just had. How about you take me home?
Oh hi'ya. I know I look like a little bear. Hints the name.... Just the other day I was laying there thinking about what a sweet life I have. A family, a home, life was good. Then i spun into some kind of alternate universe and now I am here! No family, no home, nothing. The hoomans here are trying to help me start all over again. Can you help?
Hello young souls. Amastan here. Why yes I have been around for a while. Feels a lot like 40ish years. Thats in dog years I might add. What can an old soul like me teach you? Well patience 1st and foremost. Responsibility as well. YOu know when you have to feed me and walk me. Lastly friendship. Long lasting friendship. So what do ya say? Do you need a new life lesson?
I know, I know, I know! My face is just sweet... But this puppy face won't last my entire life. Take your chance now and swoop me up! We can go on long walks, play with toys, or even cuddle! Don't mind if I get distracted easily...I am known for caring to much and think everyone is my friend(: Can I be your lifelong adventure partner? We can take bets on how long my cute puppy face will look!
Roxy is a nice dog who loves a lot of space. She is accustomed to running around and playing. Unfortunately, we moved to a smaller house and the area isn't big enough for her. She loves to play with the children and other dogs. Roxy only barks when she is alarming someone of danger. She is housetrained and loves car rides. She is also trained to walk without a leash and can perform multiple com...
Hello, how are you? I am Henry and I doing quite well thanking for seeing me today. I enjoy PEOPLE! I like to see them, smell them, be around them. I'm a curious boy. I will smell it. And I will find the answer to what it is. I like the people around here to be aware of my presence. So I make noise so they won't forget to talk with me when they walk by my room. I'm looking for a furever home to...
Well I don't exactly know how I ended up here... But the hoooomans here are precious. They provide me with everything I need. But let me tell you.... I need somewhere for my little puppy heart to grown 3 time it's size. I am very eager to learn as well as make new friends. I am still growing into my ears so adore them while you can.
HEY HEEYY HEEYYYYYYYY!!! OVER HERE!!! Yes hi I'm Divya. I'm looking for a person to call my own. I love cuddles, food, and playing. I also love to capture people's attentions. That's why I yelled at you at 1st. I like people to know I'm here. So is it love at 1st sight for should I bark 1 more time?
Over Here! OVer HEre! OVEr HERe! OVER HERE! Oh you heard me! hello peepls. I am Thiyya. I am a happy go lucky pup that is just looking for her spot in this world. I am known for being overly affectionate as well as a great listener. My face will bring a smile to your face. Can I be your little savior in life?
I know what you're thinking, "Why are you barking so much?". Well the truth is, I just love everybody so much, so I need them to know that. I promise you that I am a giant sweetheart. The people here say that I am like a cuddly bear. Let me tell you, I love cuddles. I am ready to begin my next chapter of life with a family that will love me. Will you be the 1 to give me a chance and make me apa...
Hello my name is Blythe! I know I may be small and my ears may look a little funny, but I promise you that I have a lot of love to give. My name means "carefree", which is exactly how I like to live my life. I love a nice lazy day on the couch or a random adventure traveling to different places. I am ready to have a family to call my own and a family who will love me unconditionally. Will you b...
Bindi is the name and being a puppy is my game. Hello!!!! Well where do I start? I originally came to the Ellis County SPCA with my 3 sisters. Yes, there were 4 of us! All of my sisters have found their forever home and I am definitely ready to find mine! I would love to have someone who would treat me like their very best friend and who would allow me to be a family member. Will you please tak...
Hello. My name is Atari. These precious hoomans just gave me a name a few days ago. It makes me feel as if I belong here. They keep telling me I would prefer to go to a home but I actually really like it here. The hoomans are great. I have a friend. I get fed and even water constantly. How can a home be better then that?
Do you have a couch at home? What about snacks? Do you enjoy netflix? Or even hulu? Well I am your gal! I am the newest lap size addition to your family. I promise to keep your legs warm and your heart full. I even come with a lifetime supply of snuggles. What do'ya say?