Oh people. They allow you back here? Oh wow...... Act normal act normal Aston. This morning I told myself you know what Aston. You are going to be a big boy soon! You must act like a big boy. No more shying away. Greet people! That's how I will find my home. That was my pep talk to myself this morning...
Oh Hi I'm Jacee, I am wonderful and as sweet as a flower. I can be shy at 1st but warm up quickly. I'm currently looking for a loving home to call my own. Bonus about me is that I get along well with other dogs!
Hello it's Maamur. I was wondering if you would the family to adopt me. Hellooo. It's me. I was wondering if after all time you like to meet. To go over, adopting me. Hello, for the other side, I'm ready to go home nowwww. Thank you I've been told I am a nice singer. I'm just a guy looking for a great home to call my own.
Well howdy ho partner! I'm Nollie. I'm a big guy with a big heart. I'm looking for a family for me to give all my heart to. I have been known to be shy from time to time, but I warm up quickly. I also get along with most dogs!
Oh like hey. I'm Brenda. I am like looking for a home. And yes I know what you're thinking. I am lovely. I'm a beauty that knows how to work her stuff. I enjoy being around people, I'm not a gal for being alone. So are you ready to fill out the adoption paperwork, or should I walk by again?
Hi there I'm Doma. I'm.. I'm.. alittle shy, but the good people here tell me I am a adorable, pretty girl. I'm trying to find a loving home. But so far I haven't had luck. Oh could you be my new home?
Whoa dude....Nash here bro. Wasssuppp my dude? Let me inform you 1st that I am the coolest dog here. NO MATTER WHAT THE HUMANS SAY. I would really like to learn to ride a skateboard. If you'd even let me hang my head out the window on our ride home that would be good! A lil secret I am actually not as tough as I act. I must have a cool dude look on the outside. But on the inside I just need som...
I know, I know, I know! My face is just sweet... But this puppy face won't last my entire life. Take your chance now and swoop me up! We can go on long walks, play with toys, or even cuddle! Don't mind if I get distracted easily...I am known for caring to much and think everyone is my friend(: Can I be your lifelong adventure partner? We can take bets on how long my cute puppy face will look!
Hello there, I am Rachany. I'm a girl that knows what she wants and is willing to go for it. I'm looking for a home. I love to run, play, and toys as well. I enjoy being the center of attention, but I also enjoy making new friends. Now I know I'm all you can think about. So, should I walk by again, or should we go home now?
"There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart.", In the words of Jane Austen. The people here have named my brother and I after this magnificent writer. My heart grows 2 time every time I meet someone new. I love to greet everyone with hugs and tail wagging. I know how to adapt to the person I am around. With kids I enjoy running around and playing. With the ones in charge, adults, I love to ...
To submit an application to adopt me: Step One: http://www.txtailsofhope.org/info/adoption Step Two: Email completed application to XXXX@heartsandtailsofhope.org .... see more at Petfinder